On the stage, Beatrice Egli (31) is a Pro – as a Schlager-expert fought the singer, but with the nervousness. “My heart is not burning, it fails!”, so the singer at the beginning of the great Euro-vision show “I know everything! – The hardest Quiz of Europe”. The nervousness was unnecessary – because the pop Star proved on Saturday evening at the TV with his expertise.

In your subject is Egli even Quiz-professional and “Who is superior to be a millionaire”presenter Günther Jauch (63), at least in the first round against Zurich-based blogger Jesca Li Baumann (36)–. The question, in what country was Roberto Blanco (82) came to the world, answered the Schwyzerin correctly with the answer of Tunisia. As Egli logged in your answer, turned Jauch baffled the Swiss Superstar: “Really?” Egli could not hide her joy, as a Moderator Jörg Pilawa (53) announced that she was right. “I knew what Mr. Jauch didn’t know! Yes! This is beautiful,” says Egli jubilantly.

“The education order does not happen for me, just”

All of the “Terra Australia’s”Star knew then: In the second round against the Austrian author Katharina Turecek (36) showed Egli, for the shipment for two weeks Schlager-Know studying, some gaps in knowledge. The question of what the number 1 Hit by Nino de Angelo (55) “East of Eden” was named Austen – a Film by James Dean, a song by Hans Albers, or a poem by Jane, said Egli stumped: “What do we do now?”

and your reply – a song of Hans Albers – was wrong. Correctly, a Film by James would have been Dean. “Because I’m too young,” said Egli. Also in the issue, such as Udo Jürgens’ (†80) Hit the “Greek wine” was first of all meant (“Sonja, Wake up”), Egli a little perplexed. You took it with Humor and quipped: “The public service television has, of course, is education, this is happening with me right now.” (kad)

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