she experienced a carefree Childhood on the lake of Zurich, made a Coiffeur teaching and later training as an actress. This is a big privilege, was Beatrice Egli (31) recently called back to memory, as they visited young children in the Township of Capricorn, close to Cape town (South Africa).

“were The days for me, very upsetting. This was a very emotional, but also important trip for me,” says the singer. During the Trips for the RTL donation marathon, the 21. 22. November will be broadcast on German private channel, she met disadvantaged people and talked with them about their lives. Among them, the six-year-old Keanolita, with their parents, grandparents and four siblings in a small corrugated iron hut.

Sleep on the floor

“Nine people in a Ten square meter room and sleep there share on the ground,” says Egli affected. You’ve shared during her Childhood with her three brothers also in the room, “but we had bunk beds and each one has its own blanket to snuggle up. To see this, brings back me once more into reality. It is not, of course, so grow up, as I have it.”

education against drugs and violence

the Townships are residential settlements in the vicinity of South African cities, some over 100’000 inhabitants. In Capricorn about 20’000 people, including 4000 children. The community struggles with HIV/Aids problems, drug and alcohol abuse. These problems you will encounter with education. Therefore, the focus of the trip was the “My heart”singer was also on a visit to a school. “Not only does it provide education, but holds the children to get on the road in drugs, gangs and violence,” says Egli. “Here it is, of course, to go in the nursery or in the school. Without the help of Keanolitas mother Cindy is your little daughter will never send them to school. She wants nothing more. That breaks my heart!”

The more important it is for the “American idol”-winner of 2013 to use their voice. “I think it is our duty to make our privileged lives for the Best. Also, to help all of those who have it so good. Especially children who have no voice.”