Beat everyone the details of the rebellion in the colony of the Russian Federation

Became known the details of the riots in the TRANS-Baikal colony. The incident occurred yesterday in Angarsk, in the territory of the colony №15, reports MK. Inmates torched buildings, started fires, roads blocked, and the “zone” introduced the special forces.

In the territory of the penitentiary institutions there is a detached building SUS (strict conditions of detention, solitary confinement). To send the worst offenders of the rules. On the eve of the rebellion, prisoner in Sousse, said that he was beaten by a prison officer. He wrote a message on a mobile phone (it is not clear how he was caught) and posted a video online demanding to punish the offender.

According to relatives of prisoners, then a prisoner was beaten again. After that, several convicts punishment cell cut their arms in protest. Information of this reached other prisoners, and they, too, raised a revolt: some set fire to greenhouses and buildings, other beat officer in the guard unit.

The place of emergency there has arrived the chief of the regional Department of the Federal penitentiary service. He was summoned to the colony special forces.

Relatives accused the security forces.

“There are spetsnaz FSIN, and the riot police. They beat everyone. They throw smoke grenades,” said the mother of one of the convicts.

FSIN hold a different point of view.

“the Previously negatively characterized convicted persons attempted to destabilize the work of the institution, an arson attack on several objects in the industrial area of the colony. Currently, assessment of damage,” said FSIN of Russia.

It noted that the situation in IK-15 is under control. A criminal case under article about the disorganization of the activities of the correctional institution.

Details of results and management of FSIN across the Irkutsk region.

“on the Evening of 9 April, one of the negatively characterized convicted persons in the room contained a punishment cell for violating prison rules, refused to conduct a personal search, pushed the staff, used foul language, urged the other prisoners to illegal actions”, – is reported on the website of the Irkutsk FPS.

Meanwhile, the “Interfax” reports that at the rubble after a fire in the colony found the prisoner’s body. According to the local Ombudsman, the man could have killed prisoners for collaborating with the administration.

An informed source also confirmed that the unrest in the colony began in isolation. The instigators faked a suicide attempt. When they began to assist, attacked the prison staff, escaped from the detention centre and staged a mutiny.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that the posted video of the suppression of the rebellion in the Russian colony.