During his press conference at the WEF-2021, the Chairman of the Management Board of Sberbank, German Gref, said that the BEAC plans to present its second supercomputer at the AI Journey conference in November.

“As for the second supercomputer, we are actively implementing it now. I think that by the bank’s birthday, we should finish and launch it, test it. We want to present it and announce it at our annual AI Journey conference, which will be held in the fall, ” he said.

The new supercomputer will be even more powerful, and most importantly, energy efficiency, he noted.

Earlier in 2019, Sberbank and its subsidiary SberCloud presented the first Christofari supercomputer for solving artificial intelligence problems. Kristofari was specially created to accelerate the development of AI-based products and services. At the same time, Sberbank provides supercomputer resources to any company, thanks to which even a startup on a par with a large corporation can get huge computing power.

The performance of supercomputers is measured in special values-flops, that is, in the number of floating-point operations that the system can perform per second. The power of “Kristofari” has a capacity of about 6.7 petaflops. Until now, the most powerful supercomputer was the Lomonosov 2 with a performance of 1.85 petaflops.