If you prefer a clean-shaven chest, you should use really sharp blades. Because blunt cut surfaces increase the risk of injury, explains dermatologist Christoph Liebich from Munich. We tell you how men best go about shaving their chests.

Just like the beard, the hair on the chest also needs some preparation before you put the blade on. Here we show you what you should do step by step to prevent irritation.

1st step: washing

Men are more likely to avoid skin irritation by washing their breasts before shaving to wash away bacteria. These always settle on the skin. But especially in places like the hair-covered chest, where you tend to sweat, bacteria feel even more comfortable, explains Liebich. They could penetrate the tiny razor wounds.

2nd step: trimming

The blade doesn’t get far with longer chest hair. Therefore, it is best to trim the fur first.

3rd step: shaving

So that the razor glides over the skin instead of rubbing or even cutting it, it is best to use shaving cream, but at least moisten the skin. Be sure to use fresh blades so that the razor glides easily over the skin.

4th step: Disinfection

Special disinfectant products in the form of creams or sprays prevent inflammation, explains dermatologist Liebich. It is important that these are dedicated products for the skin that do not contain alcohol – otherwise it will burn. If the skin already shows red razor burn, ice cubes or cold compresses with herbal additives can help, according to the Haut.de portal.

Step 5: Maintain

Then apply a cream. Liebich recommends a variant that is not too greasy but moisturizing.

Step 6: Dress properly

Tight-fitting clothing should be avoided after the shave. It rubs against the skin, after a shave this can irritate the now sensitive area.