With his interview he gave the BBC in 2019, Prince Andrew wanted to save his reputation. With the statements he made there and his lack of remorse, he had the opposite effect. Journalist Sam McAlister, who arranged the scandalous interview, now gave new insights into the historical conversation and reveals other previously unknown details.

Prince Andrew (62) has been the problem child of the British Royals for months. After the 62-year-old was accused of sexual abuse by Virginia Giuffre, a court case was even threatened. The reputation of Queen Elizabeth II’s son (96) is gone. As a result, he is no longer tolerated in the front row of the British royal family and no longer plays a role in public appearances.

Prince Andrew lost pretty much everything in this scandal – and drove it further with completely unsuccessful actions. Like his TV interview for the BBC in November 2019, which was about his friendship with the late Jeffrey Epstein († 66), who abused minors for decades.

In the BBC interview, Prince Andrew actually wanted to ensure that he was no longer associated with the convicted Epstein. As reported by journalist Sam McAlister, who was present at the time, according to “dailymail.co.uk” in her book “Scoops: Behind The Scenes Of The BBC’s Most Shocking Interviews”, Prince Andrew’s daughter Beatrice (33) was present during the preparations for the interview. Even though it was clear that her father would have to speak out about having sex with a 17-year-old. Prince Andrew is also said to have said to his daughter afterwards that you now have to speak to “Mum” – the Queen.

The interview ended up being a complete disaster. The prince stammered and showed no sympathy for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. British journalists even described his appearance as a “car accident”. McAlister writes that Prince Andrew also failed to take any opportunity presented to him at that appointment to show remorse or distance himself from Epstein. “Every time I thought he couldn’t say anything worse, he did.” She was particularly surprised that the 62-year-old even thought the conversation went well at the time.

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