FC Bayern wants to change. Transfers are intended to spark new competition. For TV expert Marcel Reif, Sadio Mané’s commitment would also be a solution to Leroy Sané’s lack of consistency.

Mané transfer would have consequences: If FC Bayern really manage to buy Liverpool star Sadio Mané, the transfer would certainly have consequences for the squad. When football expert Marcel Reif was asked about the possible transfer, he immediately responded to Leroy Sané – with violent words. Reif says a Mané transfer would make Bayern more independent of Sané’s changing motivation.

Short, compact, clear

Alternative to Lustlos-Sané? Reif at “Bild”: “If you want to win big titles, you need a squad. Sané can decide games alone in one day. Another day after five minutes you say, ‘There are so many nice things to do on a Saturday afternoon. Don’t you want to have a barbecue with the family? You can see: you don’t feel like it today. That’s why you need alternatives.”

Who would Mané replace? In fact, there has been speculation around FC Bayern for a few days about who Mané could replace in Munich. He is apparently not intended as a replacement for Lewandowski. His transfer would make a sale of Serge Gnabry more likely.