The news hit the FC Bayern cosmos with a vengeance. Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer posted a photo from the sick bed and the club published the statement that the goalkeeper had broken his lower leg.

Since then there has been a lot going on at Säbener Straße. A new recruit is being sought. But what are the plans of the budget number 1? When is there a comeback? Is there one at all?

There is a lot of discussion, not only at the regulars’ table: Many fans are wondering how bad Manuel Neuer’s injury really is. From the end of a career to a surprise comeback, there are many opinions and long-distance diagnoses.

The “Kicker” wrote: “There is currently a lot of speculation about the severity and complexity of the injury. Even the fact that Bayern’s captain couldn’t return is making the rounds.”

It seems certain that Neuer wants to go back into the Bayern goal. The ambitious keeper is working on a rehabilitation plan. Several media reports that he has a return to the Bayern goal as a clear goal.

The fans did not hear a clear statement from those responsible at FC Bayern about the severity of the injury. Unusual.

Because the club also knows: Neuer will already be 37 years old if he makes a comeback. Can he build on past achievements?

A look back at 2019. Neuer had also suffered a serious injury and nobody expected a big return. It should be different.

Because the recovered newcomer played a strong season and was even able to get the triple in the end. You shouldn’t underestimate this super athlete.

And maybe he’ll take an Italian role model. Another player in Italy proves that you can still show top reactions as a goalkeeper at the age of 44. Gigi Buffon drives his opponents to despair with his mad reflexes.

He keeps saving the points for his Serie B club Parma. Most recently with almost unbelievable saves in the cup game against Inter Milan. A little boost of motivation to Manuel Neuer’s bedside.

This article was written by Christoph Streicher

The original of this article “Manuel Neuer’s uncertain future” comes from the evening newspaper.