An American retired couple, Bayer in distress: a US Jury spoke to Alva and Alberta Pilliod damages in the amount of the equivalent of almost 1.8 billion euros (the equivalent of 2 billion Swiss francs). The Couple was ill with cancer, and the use of glyphosate-containing weed killer to write this by Bayer, a subsidiary of Monsanto.

It is already the third defeat for Bayer and Monsanto in US-procedures in connection with the controversial drug. Although Bayer announced in the night from Monday to Tuesday an appeal against the decision. However, on the stock exchange, the descent of the Bayer stock continued.

Monsanto has not used about the dangers of

informed The Pilliods had the Monsanto weed killer Roundup over the decades on their land. In the case of Alva in 2011, was a Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is diagnosed, a cancer of the lymphatic system.

His wife received the same diagnosis four years later. Due to the advertising of the company, you would get the impression that the agent was safe, complained Alberta Pilliod on Monday at a press conference. They wanted that Monsanto had about the dangers of Using its security. “It has changed our lives forever. We can no longer do the things that we could previously, and we take that Monsanto really evil,” said the 74-Year-old.

pre-existing conditions played any role

Bayer was referred to court in vain to the fact that both plaintiffs had a long history of pre-existing conditions known to be significant risk factors for a disease on Non-Hodgkin’s-lymphoma. There is no scientific evidence that would not have occurred without the use of glyphosate to cancer, argued for Bayer. However, the Jury was not convinced. You made the Monsanto compound for cancer responsible.

The largest part of the imposed billion sums were spent on the so-called punitive damages, for which there is in German law there is no equivalent. A Juror was quoted in the American media with the sentence, the judgment should give the group a lesson.

the third big defeat for Bayer

It is already the third such defeat for Bayer. In the first trial a Jury had sentenced the group last August to 289 million dollars in Pain and suffering, and compensation. The judge reduced the sum later, however, around 78 million dollars. In the end of March, lost the second a similarly high total in the room.

Then, as now, Bayer stressed that the judgments were in direct contradiction to many studies on the safety of glyphosate. And in fact, the U.S. environmental protection Agency, EPA, had classified the weed killer glyphosate until the beginning of may continue as non-carcinogenic. The wave of lawsuits in the United States is based, however, essentially on an evaluation of the International cancer research Agency of the world health organization (WHO), which classified the weed killer in 2015 as “probably carcinogenic” for humans.

“The fate of Bayer is now in the hands of the US judge”

The German protection Association for securities holding (DSW), Bayer after the imposition of billion penalty in a dangerous position. “The fate of Bayer is now in the hands of a U.S. judge, the checks, the next, the amount of the penalty,” said DSW chief Executive, Marc Tüngler of the German press Agency. It was “terrifying”.

Tüngler, said that the judgment also shows that Bayer underestimated the Monsanto Acquisition-related reputational risk, apparently. Bayer had always assumed that there is only a Problem in Germany, with the Image of the in genetic engineering, a very active US-based company.

Monsanto is an American … But since then, Monsanto and more American, was obviously tilted the mood in the United States. At the same time, the recent judgment of aggravating any possible settlement negotiations. “The Dimension is so incredibly out of whack. There is little room for agreement in the near term,” said Tüngler.

Markus’s of the Fund management company Union Investment, said that the ruling highlights the “enormous risks of the Monsanto-Deals”. Bayer have underestimated the problems, “apparently.”

Bayer plans to reach the property, more judgement

The Leverkusen group is now on the next instances and the competent professional judge, after the jury came in the first round of the normal population. Of the professional judges, Bayer is hoping for greater attention to the always-cited studies on the safety of glyphosate and more objective judgments. The appeal process can take a very long time, in the current year is expected to fall to no decision.

Bayer announced in the spring of 2016, his plans for the Takeover of Monsanto. However, the 63 billion US was completed-Dollar expensive Acquisition in June 2018. Since then it has halved the value of Bayer stock almost. Bayer CEO Werner Baumann got the annoyance of the shareholders to feel at the end of April personally. At the annual General meeting, the shareholders refused to allow him to discharge – a unique event for an incumbent head of a Dax concern. (SDA)