Eight Single-farmers are looking for from Thursday, 11. July,, in TV again after the great love. The candidates of this year’s season could hardly be more different. As a farmer, Roger (39) from the Basel country, an unusual second job: He is not only a farmer, but also to the undertaker. A tough Job, but in conversation with a VIEW, he explains: “working as a funeral Director is not charged to me. I put a switch, and the not-so-nice cases let not come to me.”

A shoulder to Lean on, Roger has not been around for half a year. Be a valve for the undertaker-career: “My Job as a farmer, where everything is alive and I can switch off thanks to the animals and peace in nature and recover.” The Job was not because of the reason that he had not found the love of his life so far. It had only been so far to the Right. To which he attaches particular value: He is a Horse guy, calls himself the Cowboy. This should also apply for his lady.

Hans W. does not want to be found with 64 a Baby

Also a candidate, Hans W. (64, BE) still has the love of his life. Of the “farmer, single, seeks” he hopes to find these “if possible with a Baby and a wedding.” Why it has not worked? The 64-Year-old is flirting like that. “Often the women were jealous, it made me feel the relationship is broken, including two marriages.”

Thierry is the chick of the season

Thierry from the Canton of Bern is at the age of 25 Chicks of the season. He was recruited from the transmitter, and will now surprise you what comes in the growers-adventure out. For a year the country is single, but his profession was not the reason for the love of slump: “It was simply the Right thing to do. The work was not the reason.”

Adrian was forced to his luck,

Adrian (36) has not applied voluntarily at the TV dome show. “I’ve been logged in and not know for a long time, and by whom. It turned out that it was a friend that I rarely contact,” explains Berner. Now he hopes to find after three and a half years as a Singe finally have a girlfriend.

Hans B. has no time to meet women

Because of its membership in the dairy cooperative Association, his profession and the staff in many other organisations, the Berne Hans B. (41) has no time to meet women. “And in these Clubs, 99.9 percent of the men are holding. Then, if in fact one or the other woman is, she’s usually much older, and I don’t like it,” he says. Single he is now for ten years.

Martin has been logged for almost five years, single

Martin (35) from the Emmental of his sister in “Bauer, ledig, addiction”. He says: “Alone I would not have signed up. My sister said simply, it can’t be that I can’t find the woman.” Now, two women fight to the heart of the farmer. He wishes – as all participants – to find the big love, is taking it as it comes. Single Martin is for almost five years.

Hansueli was never described

Hansueli (41) fell in love from the transmitter as shy and reserved. The Emmental was never in love. In “farmer, single, seeks” to make it work now, finally.

Thomas had a hard time with the women

Thomas (33) from Lucerne had so far with the ladies, always problems. He stresses, however, very gentleman like: “I’ve always had a great love of women.” Sad: From a friend he was betrayed, although he can imagine a future with her would be. “Another was not honest to me, and had mental problems. I need a strong woman who is comfortable with themselves,” he says.

as of Thursday, 11. July, at 20.15, you can get to know the 3+ track, who is the eight Single-farmers – and if it sparks, if not already.