there’s No question that Fresh Basil is one of the most popular herbs. He is not only aromatic in the taste, but also healthy. A pot, even on a window sill still in place and so you can harvest fresh at any time. Unfortunately, the reality is relating to harvest are usually somewhat different. The lush green leaves shortly after the purchase, little appetite, and hang force and saftlos on the stems.

This is particularly true in the case of Basil from the supermarket. These are used in mass under the most optimal conditions, which plants on a balcony or window sill and have often even as young plants, long transport paths and differences in temperature, until they come to the shelves Better for the durability, it is therefore, if Basil is bought in a pot on the market or in a nursery.

repotting in matching clay pot

it will be Advisable also, if the Basil at home is repotted into a larger clay pot with nutrient rich soil. Special herbs earth, there is in the trade. This earth provides more permeability and thus ensures a better Water discharge. Anyone who has a garden can plant his Basil, about the middle of may in a Garden bed. An advantage of the Pot, but sure that in case of any Temperature break-in, the pots with the cold-sensitive plants to a protected location.

the Proper location and care

Whether Outdoors or in the house, the location should, in any case, bright and Sunny. Temperatures of about 16 degrees feeling herbs of the Mediterranean. In addition, regular watering is important. It must be ensured that no water is formed. Too much moisture in the root zone can be harmful. The soil moisture should be checked prior to the casting with the Finger on the surface of the earth. The casting is also to ensure that the water is poured directly into the soil and not the leaves. About every three weeks, the Basil should be supplied after the transplant, in addition to using special fertilizer.

No individual strip off the leaves

When the harvest not a single leaf should be plucked out, that weakens the Basil. The shoot tips are cut at harvest to a minimum length of approximately five centimeters with a clean knife. The tasty green honey harvest will be strengthened and maintained.

With a little luck you may use at least one summer, his own fresh Basil for Pasta, Pesto, or summer drinks.

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