In 2022, Hartz IV recipients filed hundreds of thousands of appeals against their decisions. Or complained straight away. They often prevailed against the employment agency.

If recipients of basic security – formerly Hartz IV – do not agree with the decisions of the authorities, they can appeal. This happened 403,856 times last year, as determined by the employment agency.

In addition, there were 50,893 lawsuits relating to basic security/Hartz IV.

Both numbers were below the values ​​for 2021. The value for contradictions fell by 9,733 (a good two percent), for lawsuits by 10,489 – a drop of a good 17 percent.

As far as the success of lawsuits and objections is concerned, the employment agency can only record proceedings against the 301 job centers that are jointly supported by the BA and the districts.

In 2022, they sent 23.4 million benefit notifications against which 347,500 appeals and 41,100 lawsuits were filed. The objection rate was 1.5 percent (compared to 1.6 percent in 2021). The lawsuit rate fell from 0.3 to 0.2 percent.

The employment agency determines the proportion of successful interventions by those affected using yet another database.

According to this, the job centers decided on a total of 397,300 objections in 2022. Only around two thirds of these objections were rejected or withdrawn by those affected. With 133,400 objections, the authority changed the original decision. That is a rate of 33.58 percent.

In addition, the courts settled 66,600 lawsuits for basic security/Hartz IV in 2022. According to the press release, around 65 percent of these were rejected or withdrawn. After all, around 35 percent led to a new decision.

The actions of those affected were directed against very different circumstances.

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