at the beginning of may had not been decided by the Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB), to go from 20 PM to Saint-Louis. Basic a variety of attacks on drivers with laser pointers on French territory. A driver had to be treated therefore in the eyes of the hospital.

later Wednesday afternoon, the BVB announced the cancellation of this controversial measure. Starting Thursday, the Trams of line 3 run again until the end of service on their entire range, and therefore between the stop castle felderhof before the border and the train station of Saint-Louis.

This decision was passed on Tuesday a meeting between representatives of the Swiss and the French side ahead. This is the person in charge of the BVB participated in the Saint-Louis Agglomeration (SLA), as well as the city of Saint Louis and the Police Nationale in the presence of the Basel governing Council and Minister of transport Hans-Peter Wessels in Basel.

According to the notification, the Parties agreed on measures to ensure the safety of the passengers and of the crew “as close as possible”. What these are concrete measures, and did not want to say a spokesman for the BVB on request.

in November, the BVB had decided, after various incidents, to let in the evening the Trams of line 3 on the French part of security personnel to accompany you. This measure remains on the table, it was said in the BVB. In addition, the French side will meet measures would not, however, for tactical reasons known.

Whether the measures will work, will now be regular Meetings of all Participants tested, as it says in the message. The BVB had been criticized after the setting of the evening operation to Saint-Louis, part of sharp.

The Basel urban construction and transportation Director Hans-Peter Wessels referred to the night stop in the Great Council, however, “inevitable”. All the interventions of the BVB due to the various incidents had remained with the French authorities before, without result.

The tram line 3 runs since the opening of the newly built section on French soil at the end of December 2017, to the station of Saint-Louis. There is a Park+Ride has been assembled in plant with 740 Parking spaces, the Alsatian commuters on the Tram. Along with this, the project cost of 91.3 million francs.