With a talk button in his ear and a camera under his shirt: a 50-year-old, equipped with sophisticated technology, tried to cheat on the theoretical driving test.

As the police announced, the cheating was only discovered after the exam on Monday in Ahaus in Münsterland: the examinee from Afghanistan had completed the test in German, but then did not understand a simple instruction.

The examiner, who became suspicious, then noticed a talk button in his ear and a cutout for a camera in the man’s T-shirt. Everything, including the antennas, was attached to a waist belt, according to the police. The equipment was seized and criminal proceedings were initiated. 

The man finally admitted to the police that the answers had been prompted to him by another man over the radio. The investigation into this man was ongoing, it was said. He was said to have been parked in front of the building with his car, but was not found.

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