He is probably in the best shape of his life: Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner. His trademarks are a three-day beard, a suit and a full head of hair. But that was not always so. While he was already wearing simple suits at the beginning of his FDP career, he was still smiling at the camera with his hair combed up, freckles and no beard at all. So we would hardly have recognized the young Christian Lindner. And we have to admit: over the years he has developed into one of the most attractive German politicians.

But that does not come without a price: the 43-year-old is already ready for his hair transplant in 2013. Even now, shortly before his marriage to Franca Lehfeldt, he is said to have optimized his appearance again. But this time through iron discipline: According to “Bild”, the top politician is said to have lost a total of 12 kilos.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) and journalist Franca Lehfeldt will marry on Sylt on Thursday. Together with 140 guests, the bridal couple will celebrate their wedding over several days. Chancellor Scholz is also present.

The glamor couple of German politics says “Yes”. Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner and journalist Franca Lehfeldt will marry on Sylt this Thursday. Reason enough to take a closer look at the chronicle of their love and the chosen ones of the FDP boss.

After the punks, the political celebrities are now coming to Germany’s northernmost island: the wedding celebrations of Finance Minister Lindner and his partner Franca Lehfeldt begin on Thursday.

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