on Monday were the players of the football club Barcelona agreed, for the coronacrisis only about 30 per cent of their salary to receive them. The yields of the Spanish champion to save the 14 million euro per month. This has been confirmed president Josep Bartomeu on Tuesday, on Catalunya Radio.

Because of the other athletes in the club, which was also a successful basketball and handballers, were in agreement with salarisinlevering of 70%, the total savings for sports clubs in Barcelona for 16 million euros.

now, Bartomeu is expected that the crisismaatregel for a couple of months, will be considered. Lionel Messi and co to lose in this scenario, only 11.5 per cent of their annual salary. “The situation is very serious. You have to take action,” said the Barça president.

for nearly a 95,000 infections and more than 8,000 deaths, Spain is, after Italy, the most affected country in Europe.