Barbel spotted in the actions of the Ukrainian authorities back in the USSR and was horrified

Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Alexander Usik criticized President Vladimir Zelensky, who urged fellow citizens to refrain from visiting temples during a pandemic coronavirus. Athlete interview published in the YouTube channel of Dmitry Gordon.

the 33-year-old native of Simferopol saw the actions of the authorities desire to “close the Church”. The tendril was horrified at such a prospect. “The first thing that came to mind that all this resembles a return to the Soviet Union, when, God forgive me, krasnopuzye closed churches and so on. Now in the XXI century how can you let this happen? Frankly, I even felt a certain aggression, a desire to stand up for their faith,” — said the Mustache in conversation with Gordon.

18 April, the Ukrainian leader addressed the citizens of the country. Zelensky urged Ukrainians to forget about comfort and focus on survival during a pandemic. In addition, the President spoke about the plans to mitigate the quarantine in Ukraine from April 24.

Mustache — the former absolute world champion on Boxing in the first heavy weight. The Ukrainian has already made his debut in the heavyweight division, defeating American Chaz Witherspoon.