Eeklo, are Reunited At a Bar-Be Q is from Eeklo, belgium, has his hands full with mojito’s on the house. Each and every day of the mojitoman there is a displacement of more than a hundred to make.

the Bar-Be (Q) of the Kaaistraat in Eeklo, belgium, is just like any other pub will be closed. But the manager, Kurt, At will not throw in the towel. He built his truck to get to the back of a moving bar, and the bringing of the days of mojitos on the house. “Is not pre-made in a bottle, but it is really on-the-spot, at your home, piece by piece, cooked,” says Kurt, At. “In the cargo area of my truck, as are the bottles of Bacardi, baking, ice cream, and everything you need for a true freshly made mojito. For 6 euros you can enjoy a drink and relax. I drive every day between the 14th and the 22nd hour, and if more than one hundred and mojitos every day. Each day I will choose another location in Eeklo, belgium, where I’m going to provide it. So, I varied each of the town and country planning in Flanders to it. Also, there are people who do their friends a unique way to die. They have to pay for the mojito, give me the address of a friend, and I’m going to call as a surprise for her. Everyone else is still in his room, ” so that it may not be a problem,” says Kurt.

to place an Order, only to send a text message to Kurt on the 0497/50.19.77. Then he was back in the day, he is in your area. Also, on the Facebook page of a Bar, The individuals each and every day of the mojitoman want to go riding. You can Kaaistraat meals are also available to order and pick it up.