A gang of robbers reportedly broke into a Credit Agricole bank branch in Milan, holding the manager and other staff hostage briefly, before reportedly escaping through the sewers in a daring, well-executed raid. 

Reports in Italian media suggest the motley crew entered the bank prior to opening time via a hole in the floor shared with a neighboring apartment building. 

The gang of up to six, entered the bank basement shortly before it opened at 8:30am local time, taking the bank manager and two staff hostage briefly. 


After a brief scuffle, one of the bank employees managed to escape, though the robbers reportedly struck the manger on the back of the head with the butt of one of their weapons to force him to open several safety deposit boxes. They couldn’t rob the safe as it was on a security timer. 

Rapina in una banca a Milano, ladri fuggiti dai tombini. La polizia cerca sei persone.

By 8:40am police were already on the scene and had set up a perimeter around the bank, however, the robbers had already made good their escape, deploying a fire extinguisher to cover their exit via the rear of the building. 

There were no serious injuries reported, though the bank manager did answer reporters’ question while holding an ice pack to the back of his head. 

The official value of the goods taken has yet to be announced while a manhunt is underway for the robbers who reportedly fled via the sewers. At one point, pursuing police descended into the sewers but couldn’t find any trace of the thieves.

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