In this case, the money, the house benefited from the flourishing business with private customers, the Ombudsman, to more loans and also your account deposits increased. A rising net interest income as well as savings helped the Bank of America on weakness in trading stocks and bonds, weakened as is the case with the competition. The group’s revenues stagnated at 23 billion dollars.

“The growth of the economy and the activities of the consumers in the U.S. remain sound,” said CEO Brian Moynihan. “Companies of any Size to take credit and boost the economy, the credit quality is strong.” The private customers segment was able to increase its profit by a quarter.

The Bank of America with the high deposits on their accounts, and its large mortgage business more interest rates than other U.S. institutions. It benefited in particular the mass of the interest of the US Central Bank, the Fed increases.

While banks in the Euro-Zone over the continuing record-low interest rates lawsuits, has increased the Fed’s key interest rates several times. The key rate is currently at 2.25 percent to 2.5 percent. That drives the net interest income of the money houses, as the interest rates that you can demand for loans to rise faster than the interest they pay on deposits. The interest income of Bank of America rose by five percent to 12,38 billion dollars, deposits climbed also by almost five percent to 1.36 trillion.

Up to the trade division, the Global market is also the other major areas of the Bank of America made more profit. However, the institution like JP Morgan, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs in the capital market division of springs left. In trading, profits plummeted by 17 percent – more than the industry leader JP Morgan (minus ten percent) and Citigroup (minus six percent). Only Goldman Sachs (minus 18 percent) cut from something worse. In stock trading, the income of the Bank of America broke a record quarter in the previous year to 22 percent, in trading currencies, bonds and commodities, and then fell by eight percent. The government to a standstill in the United States and trade conflict between the US and China slowed down the activities on Wall Street.

The weakness in the bond trading is a bad omen for the German Bank, which turns into this business, traditionally a big wheel. Of the frankfurters self-respondents and analysts expect investment banking to a drop in revenues to just under 3.3 (previous year: 3,85) billion euros in the red. In particular, because of the weakness of the former flagship division, the experts expect the bottom line a net profit of 29 million euros. The Deutsche Bank wants their Figures for the first quarter on the Friday after Easter (26. April). (SDA)