The police and the murder commission are faced with a great mystery: the heavily pregnant bank manager Alexandra R. from Nuremberg has been missing for more than six weeks. The missing person drama raises many unanswered questions. Apparently her cell phone turned up.

Update from February 6: In the search for Alexandra R., the police are now also checking for traces abroad. The investigators had made a request for legal assistance to Romania, said a spokesman for the Central Franconia police headquarters on Monday. This should make it possible to interview people there or check facts. The 39-year-old, who was eight months pregnant at the time of her disappearance, is said to be from the country. “Nürnberger Zeitung” and “Nürnberger Nachrichten” had previously reported.

The cell phone found by the missing person is currently being evaluated, the spokesman said. Suspicions against two people from the woman’s environment would also be checked. The police initially did not provide any further information.

Update from February 5: According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, Alexandra R.’s cell phone is said to have appeared in Bologna. “A friend kept calling Alexandra on her cell phone after her disappearance,” the newspaper quotes a close friend of Alexandra R., who would like to remain anonymous. “Then suddenly a truck driver in Italy answered. He had been sleeping in the cab, heard the bell ringing and discovered someone had taped the phone to his truck.”

Update from February 4: Is the case moving now? According to information from “” there should be a concrete suspect. It is said to be an ex-boyfriend of Alexandra R., who had previously attracted attention. There should also be a judicial ban on contact, which should shield the 39-year-old from the man. In addition, there are many indications that Alexandra R. moved in an environment of dubious shell companies.

The police are still keeping a low profile for investigative reasons. “We’re working our way forward bit by bit,” police spokesman Michael Konrad is quoted as saying.

The Missing

Alexandra R. is 39 years old and manager of a Postbank branch. Her partner reported the woman, who was eight months pregnant at the time of her disappearance, as missing on December 9, 2022. She lives in the area near the Main-Danube Canal in the Katzwang district of Nuremberg. R. is described as follows:

The Central Franconia Criminal Investigation Service will receive tips on 0911 2112-3333, as well as any other police station and the police emergency number 110.

The investigations

The police assume a violent crime and have set up a 24-strong special commission. It is considered extremely unlikely that the missing person has voluntarily disappeared from their social environment. According to the police, the head of the bank left all personal documents at home. These include e.g. ID card and maternity pass, but also cash. In addition, there are no signs of suicide or an accident, according to the investigators.

The search

Several attempts to find the 39-year-old have so far been unsuccessful. Divers and boats with sonar devices have already been deployed to search the Main-Danube Canal in the Katzwang and Eibach areas. On December 28, 2022, a so-called scooter was also used. This is a drive that pulls the diver through the water and at the same time delivers images. However, the search was complicated by poor underwater visibility of just half a meter. In addition, body detection dogs and drones were used in the shore area – without success.

where is the missing woman

It is probably the most important question that remains unanswered in this case. There are currently no indications as to where the heavily pregnant woman is currently staying or where she could be found. Her partner reported the eight-month-pregnant woman as missing on December 9, 2022. The 39-year-old was apparently last seen when she gave her adopted daughter to the daycare center in Schwabach, reports “Bild”.

What role do the vehicles play?

The police are keeping an eye on two vehicles that appear to be playing a major role in the investigation. A spokesman said on Friday (01/20/23) that a black Range Rover model had come into focus. The car with the Nuremberg license plate “N – RB…” had been secured and could be related to the disappearance of the 39-year-old from the Katzwang district.

According to the information, the special commission is primarily hoping for tips from people who saw the car on December 9, 2022 between 5 a.m. and 6 p.m. During this period, it is said to have been driving or parked in the Europakai area south of the Nürnberg Hafen-Ost motorway junction. Anyone who can provide information about people in the car should also contact the police on 911 2112 3333.

Since December 20 last year, the police have been looking for information about a Renault Twingo that could be related to the case. The Renault Twingo in question is mint green with a registration in the district of Erlangen-Höchstädt (ERH). The investigators have a few questions about this car:

What role does the property play in Hilpoltstein?

A police spokesman said this week that it is still unclear whether the commercial property in Hilpoltstein, which police officers searched last Tuesday (17 January 2023), is related to the case of the missing 39-year-old. The spokesman also did not give a specific reason for the search there. At the moment the investigation and evaluation of the forensic investigation is underway. The results are still pending, according to the latest information.


The police have so far had no indication of a possible suspect or other concrete evidence of the course of a possible crime. In this respect, the police officers continue to grope in the dark. At least findings in this context are not officially announced. This can also have tactical reasons.

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