In a in various media, printed letter, they demanded, among other things, elections. The newspaper “Sport” spoke of a “schism in the Barça leadership”. Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause

We do not leave anyone alone. With the Song “Victoriam” supports the action of #corona care boards in Germany.

Now “Victoriam” to listen to

The termination of the Association’s Directors is primarily a reaction to the so-called “Barçagate”. There is “disillusionment on the unfortunate Episode in social networks, through which we only know from the press,” they wrote.

Barça-player and Ex-Coach Guardiola in a negative manner?

What was it? Bartomeu is said to have been commissioned without the Knowledge of club management, a company for much money, current and former players – including world footballer Lionel Messi and the former Barça Coach Pep Guardiola – in social media negatively portray and defame. The aim was to strengthen the governance at the club in the eyes of the Public. The scandal has brought many of the Directors of “the last straw”, writes the “Sport”. Imago followed Once together in Barcelona: Ex-Barca coach Pep Guardiola (l.) next to Gerard Piqué

But also the Management of the Corona-crisis of the assigned Directors with displeasure. You are neither with the handling of the crisis with the scenarios that have been observed for the time after the pandemic, I agree, it said. It is also about the negotiations on the waiver of Salary of the professionals.

Barcelona players to waive 70 percent of their salary

The Team of national goalkeeper Marc-André ter the end of March had webs due to the Corona-crisis, a temporary waiver of Salary by 70 percent accepted. Also the club’s top had apparently tried to make the players look bad. Messi was ordered to a Statement in which he stressed that the team had the salary cut and even to oppose. Reuters/Joan Valls/Urbanandsport/gtres/dpa Also Superstar Lionel Messi gets less salary from FC Barcelona

“It surprised us that there were within the club who have tried to put us into the spotlight and put pressure on us to exercise so that we can do anything we wanted to do anyway,” said the Argentine.

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