In the crisis of the football shows solidarity and helpful. FC Bayern progressing, players and officials support people who have to suffer from the Corona pandemic, especially to. As is known now, is a Trainer Hansi Flick financially for his home municipality of Bammental near Heidelberg.

height of the Flick-donation remains a secret

Together with the municipality of the Coach to AZ, information the action “Bammental against Corona” and the basis for the action is laid. The amount of the donation is nothing to penetrate to the outside, which was agreed with the mayor Holger Karl so. First of all, the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung had reported” about it.

Flick wants to practice in this difficult time, “solidarity, and in our home, a clear sign for a with each other”. The Initiative including living alone, the elderly are supported, you receive flowers, cosmetics, or vouchers for books. Students should be passed Easter gifts. Also, for people who work in shopping markets, doctor’s offices or pharmacies, are present planned baskets. A great action in the Corona-crisis. Flick helps his home.

This article was written by Maximilian Koch

*The post “”Bammental against Corona”: Hansi Flick, will help his native land,” published by the evening newspaper. Contact with the executives here.

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