13 German vacationers are being investigated in Mallorca on suspicion of arson. Eight of them remain in prison since the incident six weeks ago. Now the men’s families have paid half a million euros as joint and several liability.

On May 20, 2022, 13 members of the “Stramm am Tisch” bowling club from Münster died in a devastating fire

in the bar “Why Not Mallorca” have been involved. The accusation: They are said to have thrown cigarette butts from their hotel balcony and set the bar on Mallorca on fire.

As reported by “Bild”, the men’s families have now paid the required 500,000 euros as joint and several liability for the massive damage caused by the fire. As a result, the prisoners now hope to be released in a timely manner. The video is also intended to exonerate the members of the bowling club in court.

Raban Funk, spokesman for the legal team, said: “We hope to have a hearing before August.” There is a “real chance” of a release in July.

The detainees would “take the situation with composure,” said Funk. According to “Bild”, all eight imprisoned Kegel brothers are said to have received visits from those close to them and also help with the distribution of food in prison.

Shortly after the incident, a lawyer stated that the group could not even have had visual contact with the bar at the time of the crime. This statement is to be substantiated by a video that is to show other people on the crime balcony. According to defense attorneys, another group of men threw lit cigarettes onto the roof, which eventually caused the fire.