Bad luck Valery is waiting for a difficult year

Recently on the family of the singer Valeria over and over again down the scourge.

“Last chance,” Valery was accused of cheating

In several accidents in a row hit her son Arseny Shulgin, one of the accidents was with the victims, injured and Arseniy.

Also, according to information in the media, in the star family again and again conflicts arise.

And for those who believe in omens, another bad sign, sealed dispassionate camera.

17 APR Valery celebrated the birthday. The singer was 52 years. In connection with the quarantine regime, any magnificent celebrations was not the birthday congratulated the people closest to me – my husband and son Arseny.

In the video, which Prigogine has posted to instagram, seen both in the room where the singer, which includes my husband and son who sing a “holiday book” happy birthday.

Valeria picks up the song, and then blows out the candles on the cake.

However, one candle remained lit.

It is believed that this is a bad omen, promising a year full of trials. Subscribers did not fail to report it.

In the thread of comments in the microblog, apparently, happened cleaning.

Followers congratulate the singer, but, nevertheless, surprised that such “treatment” works.

“Yeah, really ! Yesterday is all I saw and heard! Why crop the video and remove the comments, remove the post then!”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”,in the Internet there is a rare archival photo of Oleg Gazmanov and Valeria, in which popular performers appear young.

The photo was published by the singer in his microblog, congratulating Valery with the next birthday.

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