falls While you wander in the Shopping fever through the gears, often something in the shopping bag, this does not actually. Clearly a case for a return! But that, for example, a money-back-guarantee is not always and not mandatory, know the least. The next time you exchange, therefore, on the following points.

underwear and swimwear at the best

In the case of underwear and swimwear, there are reasons of hygiene, mostly no possibility of an Exchange. Secure with the Size and fit, so you do not make a bad buy.

the suspension ligaments cut

When the hanger strips are already cut off, you will have a return of poor chances. Because you can put the article back without the bands, not just back into the frame and will not be accepted, therefore, mostly. Cut the strip so if you want to keep the part for sure.

returns to the custom

to make This error are many Online shoppin Queens are not aware of. If you do not retain any of your orders, you may notice an Online store. In fact, there are then traders who lock your account for too many returns.


Make-up stains on the T-Shirt, scratched soles of your shoes or smelly clothes. Usually, any attempt to want to already worn clothes back is futile. Let it rather stay the same, because the seller will inspect the goods at the time of return is determined to the smallest Detail.

washing-label ignore

The clothing is received after the first wash, or has stains from the Ironing? Then you have not considered perhaps the washing instructions on the label. Read from the start, the instructions for care and do not try the product as defective. Finally, the employees of the store can read the Laundry list in the case of other specimens.

custom-made item

As the Name suggests, is made to the article mass and thus manufactured for you personally. Determines the individual’s preparation was not very effective and has taken the company a lot of time. A return of such article, therefore, is almost always impossible.

With the money back guarantee expect

Legally, a withdrawal of an article that is pleasing to the buyer by the seller no obligation. Most of the shops offer the pure Goodwill, because the customer is king. However, because the return is not required by law, is also not required that the customers get their money back.

so If you get the next time you exchange a voucher instead of the cash amount, the company has come to you anyway.