The heaviest/most crucial, still, to enter the discussion or we will next season, with sixteen of the eighteen clubs in the 1A play. All of it is there for the front desk manager and back Mehdi Bayat is not a matter of discussion. “It’s competitieformat will be maintained, and that it is clear and straightforward decide.”

“So, sixteen of the teams in the 1A, with the play-offs. There were also the smaller clubs will agree to this. They would only have the league to stop,” said Bayat.

Bayat is, however, the only one who is so sure of his play. Genk – Pro League chairman, Peter Croonen does not matter. “In Genk, we are in favour of the current formula, but I don’t want to pre-empt the deliberations of the working group. The advantage of this is that the coronadiscussie has come to an end, and we have a serener debate to be able to run it.”

At this time, a large majority of the professional clubs in favour of a 1A to eighteen, without the play-offs. Only, because of the multiple voting rights on the G5 clubs are hard to get to the two-thirds majority which is needed to change the format. With the G5, the largest cities had three votes, with the K11 or higher for each of the largest cities in two, and 1B) clubs 1 vote.