The current Bachelorette, Andrina Santoro (26), can choose between the candidates, Levin (23), Kenny (23) and Danilo (24). For whom you chooses, and whom you throw before the final out, it shows in today’s program. A familiar spread with the Rose, is Andrinas predecessor Adela Smajic (26).

Who would choose Adela?

The Ex-Bachelorette knows exactly how Andrina Santoro feels so short before the final. A year ago, you stood in front of the same decision. In the VIEW-Livestream is the former Bachelorette will be cases, your judgment about Andrinas Top 3 and Andrina tips on how you kept a cool head.

Adela’s page: favorite Kenny. Whether the Ex-Bachelorette, thinks he could have conquered Andrinas heart?

do you Have questions for Ex-Bachelorette Adela and favorite Kenny? You write them in the comments!

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