The small Itzamara was only a day old when the Doctors had to remove from her belly with a fetus. It was her own twin sister. She was grown instead of in the Uterus of the mother in Itzamaras belly.

This phenomenon is referred to as a fetal inclusion and occurs in approximately one of 500’000 births. Itzamaras mother, the Colombian-born Monica Vega (33), was already seven months pregnant when her obstetrician noticed that something was wrong.

the fetus has a head and limbs

at First he thought the Baby had a cyst on a Liver, a benign Tumor of the liver. Until a specialist found out by using a 3D/4D ultrasound device to The supposed cyst was a tiny child.

The mother couldn’t believe it. “Doctor, that’s impossible,” she said to the specialists. The fetus was connected via an umbilical cord with the intestines of the unborn Itzamara, such as the “New York Times” writes. However, the fetus in the fetus was not viable: Although he had missed a round head and limbs, heart and brain.

Two weeks after the diagnosis Itzamara by caesarean section had to be brought to the world. Up to this time the twin was grown in the belly constantly, threatening to crush their organs. The fetus was removed on the following day.

Unborn twin, the 45-year –

undetected fetal inclusion happens in the normal case, in the third week of gestation, when twin embryos do not fully share. The larger the Embryo grows as the smaller one.

The condition can remain for many years undetected. In the case of an Englishwoman (45) about the Doctors initially thought she had a large Tumor on the ovary. However, during the Operation of the putative Tumor turned out to be a twin with one eye, one Tooth, and black hair. 24 years old, she was carrying around the fetus.

The small Itzamara has survived the Operation in the meantime. She is healthy, has only a small scar on the belly. Just like her mother. (hah)