Nadezhda Babkina was finally discharged from the hospital. It was only yesterday – the singer and seriously hurt for a long time.

But now she’s at home, at home, and decided to appease his fans, turning to him in the social network.

In her instagram posted a short video. Greatly emaciated singer in the “home” attire of a tracksuit, but with the hair, is sitting on a chair – “the throne”.

She told followers that she had to withstand the ordeal, and that she does not want anyone like.

Thanked everyone for prayers and support, that to her, she said, helped to “get back”. And especially the medical personnel who literally saved her.

Media wrote that the star suffered a severe bilateral pneumonia.

The diagnosis of “coronavirus” is not sound, but because Babkina strongly warned listeners about the need to observe all safety precautions, for “who knows where this plague is and where it will snap”, rather, it is about Covid-19.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, a month fans worried about the state of Nadezhda Georgiyevna, the hospital where a 70-year-old singer struggled for life, was never called. the

Publish from lady Gaga (@ngbabkina) 1 May 2020 8:56 PDT