It goes better than expected.

Prime minister Mette Frederiksen and the usual male experts could on Tuesday announce that they were surprised. Positively surprised.

the Curves are all the right way, and they do it faster than any models or experts have predicted. We have half the number of patients in the respirator, and far fewer in the intensive, than it was judged at the last press conference before easter.

“Well done, Denmark,” commented the prime minister it.

the Danes have proven themselves trust worthy. We have as a people been disciplined in far higher degree, than the government has expected. We have grasped that we need to keep distance, have good hand hygiene and not gather more than 10 people.

We CAN go in tact. We are NOT wild, flamboyant, rambunctious samba-scandinavians. We can understand a message and correct check. We are a mature and educated society. There is reason to trust to the danes.

the Prime minister announced before easter, a small opening of the country. We called the minimal here on lederplads. Mette Frederiksen chose an opening that was smaller than any of the scenarios, the health authorities rained on, and which they regarded as sound. Others have expressed that the prime minister went with the ‘both belt and braces’.

Mette Frederiksen held a 22-minute long speech on Tuesday at the news conference where she promised that now, Denmark may open up further. Also in 11. may, one has to understand. It was, however, little concrete promises. In fact, not any.

When the prime minister does not want to lift the veil of what can actually be open at the end of april, dry, B. T. well give an insight into the possibilities. It is not so little.

How do we know it?

Yes, Statens Serum Institut published the models for its dissemination by the opening of the community before easter. Here they operate with a small, a medium and a large scenario.

the Prime minister selected a model that was less than the little scenario, and therefore the day-care centres, schools to 5. class and get the private sector to be underway again Wednesday. Now you can open further, and the prime minister can actually afford to go with both the middle and the large scenario, without smittetrykket will increase dramatically.

‘The big scenario’ will with today’s smittetryk not even burdening us so much, as the ‘little scenario’ did before easter. So much control is that has come over the infection, so getting there will be hospitalized and comes in the respirator. Smittetrykket is raslet down in a little over a week.

Here comes the options in addition to the already announced openings as schools and day care centers.

Ninth – and tiendeklasserne can return to school. Pupils and students on the last part of their education can return. Selected health education programs can re-open. The collective traffic can introduce the normal mode.

in Addition, the opening of restaurants and cafes. Working in the day 27,000 people in the liberal professions, and they can also open, if you will. Malls can open, and forsamlingsforbuddet can be raised to 50 persons.

It is not something, B. T. inventor, but all of the options are retrieved from the health authorities ‘ own models and scenarios. It is now up to the politicians to make the right choice, for there may be other options. Here they are simply intended for wish of the prime minister.

There is new data, and it can of course change the model. The figures, we have not yet seen. But all smittemodeller rests on the assumption that the danes can still keep the distance, spritte of and help to maintain for many.

we have proven.

We know that the prime minister goes with the waist belt and the braces, but even in this situation there are rich possibilities that society can awaken again.

Let’s just get started.

Michael Dyrby Editor-in-chief, B. T.

Michael Dyrby is editor-in-chief of B. T. He is a former nyhedsdirektør on the TV 2