So is the mad – again.

the Government and the health authorities had to find the ground, after a series of markers exhibited their great differences.

The political system with prime minister Mette Frederiksen and the authorities by the director of the national board of Health, Søren Brostrøm, was clearly a disagreement as to whether the borders should be closed. They were obviously disagree on the testing strategy, and what worse was, they kept it is also not hidden, which created total confusion.

Shards have been fixed and the direction unambiguous.

Until Wednesday, where church affairs Joy Mogensen expressed to the churches at easter can be opened partially and securely.

The medical advice applies still, however, ruled Søren Brostrøm at his news conference Thursday, but think of the damage he went no further into the political reality, he said. It made the government’s representative at the press conference, Peter Hummelsgaard, nor. All refer to the Joy Mogensen, who again are sunk in the ground.

It is a bad idea to open the churches on the squeeze. Regardless of the health professionals are stressed by the license-acceptance, means the opening of some churches, that uncertainty spreads anew. Most will be asking themselves whether now is changed on the rules. What should I now relate to them? Has the church any other rules than the rest of us?

Coronakrisen has taught us, that must be communicated massively and unequivocally, before all the reservations and uncertainties are away. We here at B. T., because we have until now received more than 20,000 questions, and more questions over and over again.

the Danes would like to behave in solidarity and take into account the government’s rules, but it requires that they are clear, logical, and not to the interpretation.

The open license-acceptance with its woolly formulations about the partial openings of the churches at easter.

Kirkeminster Joy Mogensen head, apparently after a vindersag, that can remove her blunder in the field of culture, where she directly spoke in his second ministerområde down by describing culture as whipped cream. The pressure of several kirkeordførere in the Parliament and individual personalities in the church she jumped too early with his påskebudskab. It does not work judiciously.

Several bishops and priests have already protested that the church must be raised over the rest of society, and want, to the minister the proposal be withdrawn. There is also no clear answers on how it should be possible to keep the worship overall, 10 people in a church.

the Church should instead develop the creative sense and make sure the preaching and worship services on the second show. There is no-one who has promised, that it absolutely must happen in a church. Saint Jacobs Church on Østerbro in Copenhagen, for example, has sent multiple church services on the web – both on and Facebook. It is just a way to reach the congregation on the. There are certainly others.

There is no reason to open the churches at easter, although it is the church’s great feast. The risk of misunderstanding in the general population and the errors are too large.

Dear Joy, pull it back and use the forces to get the service completed in other ways in this easter. The church must come to the people in the year.