It is grand to see a united parliament to vote the proposal through, which should alleviate the spread of coronasmitte and mitigate the subsequent adverse effects, as far as it is possible.

It is warming to see the danes move together in the crisis and to back up our queen, as it happened after the Majesties ‘ historic speech on Tuesday.

on Wednesday, presented the government a new economic package. This time it is the turn to help many of the smaller companies that suffer after coronavirussens took.

the State promises to pay a part of expenses for these coronaramte businesses, and the self-employed can get compensation for 75 percent of their losses in turnover.

It is necessary and reasonable that the public coffers are holding hand during the our businesses – when the current crisis is over, it is important that Denmark stands ready in the startboksen to give it gas and get the wheels in motion. It becomes significantly more difficult if the entire undergrowth of the self-employed and small businesses have been strangled in the meantime.

the State must, of course, do all of it, as the state can. And it can do much when it is so voluminous, as is the case here in Denmark.

But the single most important factor in the crisis is not the state – it is you.

Even though we are moving together to a greater extent than long becomes one nation, it is vital that we remember that we each have a personal responsibility.

the State can provide guidance for how we should behave, and how many it is advisable that we gather in groups.

But it is you who can do your very best to live up to it in practice. It is you who can choose, whether you will do your utmost to break the smittekæder, which is so crucial for our health in the short term could manage to help those who need it.

It is you who can bring a personal sacrifice in your social life, which are for the common good.

You can keep distance in the queue in the supermarket.

The same applies for the different – and welcome – economic stimulus.

the State can take the first step, but we will only really far and completely out of the crisis, if you help to. If you support the small business when it again becomes possible.

at the Core of our strong community is… you.

Jonas Kuld Rathje chief Editor

Editor-in-chief of B. T. Graduated from the Journalisthøjskolen in 2001 and the Master in Editorial Management from the UNIVERSITY of southern denmark in 2008. The father of the world’s most beautiful two boys.