It must be much worse, before it can be good. Such is the message Wednesday from the emergency response, which handles the coronavirus.

We will all be affected, the cash report. Health authorities expect that when this virus has been quelled for some years, about 60 percent of the population have got coronaviruses, however, without to we all have been sick.

the Announcement came on the beredskabets news conference.

The daily press conference is an excellent idea, for the need for information is insatiable. Here at B. T. we have from the beginning tried to answer questions from readers and users. Currently, readers can follow a liveblog on, that only answers the many questions. We also produce a tv program several times a day, where we also answer the question. All other media have similar deals to the danes. None of us can follow and answer the many questions that arise.

the Danes will have to answer in order to allay the uncertainty.

Preliminary preparedness held two press briefings, for it is crucial in the current situation, to be informed often and clearly.

The last one is difficult, but it is crucial to beredskabets different participants can respond accurately and without a hitch.

There are a number of issues that are pressing.

There currently are 442 infected in Denmark, while this is being written, and it is probably increased, when this is read. The recent increase has come largely from skirejsende from Tyrol in Austria.

on the Thursday of the past week came to Austria in the list of countries, where there was caution, and only on Monday night this week was Tyrol in Austria designated as an area where there is a high risk. Tyrol, today the color red on the Mfa map.

Several of B. T.’s readers – among other things, Jenni Carlend – have told how they got the symptoms at the weekend and tried to be tested. They were all rejected because Austria was not at risk. It was changed on Monday, and since several of them tested positive.

Austria has gone under the radar?

While we all have seen in Italy as big a disease carrier in Europe, the Tyrol, so in fact the area where many danes took the infection home with you.

Should the health authorities have foreseen it, and therefore tested more?

Jenni Carlend from Herlev, denmark, is not in doubt. They took us not serious, is her opinion. Today she is in quarantine and unable to fit his work as a self-employed hairdresser. Decisions and lack of decisions have a consequence for the people who are tested and found infected.

It would not have made the big difference for Jenni Carlend, but her environment has her two days of infection in the body without having to be in quarantine made a difference.

It is essential for the management of the spread to countries all the time working forward, that they continually imagine where the next source of infection is. Some countries have fared better than others. The hallmark is that they have been well prepared, and they have acted quickly.

We don’t know yet whether Denmark is a country that has acted quickly and correctly. It is too early to assess it.

Why should the health authorities to answer for the risk assessment of Austria was correct.

Michael Dyrby Editor-in-chief, B. T.

Michael Dyrby is editor-in-chief of B. T. He is a former nyhedsdirektør on the TV 2