Many danes have a healthy approach to trade in the country’s supermarkets.

you See a good offer, it strikes you, naturally enough, and the basket is filled with butter, beer, diapers, or whatever else is available at a reduced price.

common sense and good business acumen.

because of fear of coronaviruses, however, there is also a part of the danes, who in these days fills indkøbskurvene with certain products of other causes. In fact, there is a tendency that the danes are starting to hoard.

Onlinesupermarkedet experiencing a marked increase in sales of goods such as toilet paper, and long lasting food such as canned tuna, mackerel in tomato and pasta.

“People buy for stock. At the national level, we can see that people are buying pasta into a large scale,” Mikkel has Pilemand, who is commercial director at spoken to Finance. He also stated that the supermarket saw an explosion in sales of grovkiks, flour, rice in kogeposer and dåsegrøntsager as beans, peas and lentils.

on Sunday, said professor Thomas Benfield from the Department of Clinical Medicine at readers ‘ questions about the corona virus on Also here was asked, interested to, whether it is a good idea to hoard, and also here it was established that at the present time there is no need to hoard either food or medicine.

Earlier, experts have stated that it is also not advisable to hoard masks and mundbind. The situation with coronavirus is severe, and one should take precautions and follow health authorities ‘ advice on the sink and afspritning. But there is no reason that we are in a collective panic.

of course, It is relatively safe and also uncomplicated, if canned tuna and toilet paper builds up in the Danish home.

Worse, if there will be a scarcity of operationsmasker in the hospitals, because people are projecting them to him.

During the great conflict in 1998 began, the danes completely uninhibited degree to hoard the yeast of the fear of lacking bread. At a safe distance, of the then bagværkskrise draws the smile of the collective onslaught of the supermarket section for the batter.

This time we can take it in the bud, if we keep a cool head in the supermarket, when we should buy into.

Jonas Kuld Rathje chief Editor

Editor-in-chief of B. T. Graduated from the Journalisthøjskolen in 2001 and the Master in Editorial Management from the UNIVERSITY of southern denmark in 2008. The father of the world’s most beautiful two boys.