Mette Frederiksen presented his big coronaplan for over two million open-mouthed danes on Wednesday night. Her plan proved to be so violent, that one sensed the silence that fell in most residents ‘ homes.

It was a shock, that it became necessary to close large parts of Denmark. We went from a briefing in the afternoon, where the director of the State Serum Institute announced that it was in control of the infection, to a prime minister, who said that now is the now. In a few hours, we went from a mindset of control to a notion of chaos. We were simply unprepared.

Mette Frederiksen came into character by putting itself at the forefront of the campaign against coronaviruses. She assumed leadership when it was most necessary, and did it with strength.

She appeared authoritative, but quiet. Her voice shook not. She was in control.

She promised all man and the entire emergency preparedness on the deck, but did not rule out that you would make mistakes. She almost predicted it. We are all humans, but we do our best.

She urged pubs and clubs to close. If the invitation is not followed, will the nightclubs be closed with the power next week. Soft and hard power at the same time. Carrot and stick.

She appealed for unity and community, but took on the role as a leader. We are a community, but there must be a captain on the bridge. Trust me!

She was statsministeriel and at the same time, motherly in its care. The children must be cared for, but the grandparents are not a part of the solution. Let us help each other.

It was prime minister Mette Frederiksen’s best speech. It was her strongest crisis management.

It is external crises that define the leaders. Nyrup had 11. september. Fogh had Muhammedkrisen. Loop had the financial crisis, and Helle Thorning had the terrorist attacks on Krudttønden and the jewish synagogue.

the Crucial crises of a prime minister. They passed all, but coronakrisen is the most comprehensive and most intrusive in the danes ‘ everyday life.

the Crisis is not yet over. It is only just beginning, and Mette Frederiksen will need, that her ministers are delivering on the same level. We are in the midst of a health crisis, where it is reasonable to ask whether the authorities reacted quickly and consistently enough.

little is the economic crisis, and here we cannot afford to react too late. It is now, the minister of finance must enter into the character along with his prime minister, who was everybody’s prime minister.

This evening – the 11. march 2020 – was a landsmoder born.

It was impressive and comforting.