It was a strange Tuesday in coronalandet Denmark. Most of the day went by with health minister Magnus Heunicke (S) was in conflict with its own authorities.

First, he launched a mild attack on the Danish Health and medicines authority for a failed test-stategi, on the Radio. You have to understand on the minister of health, that he had personally spoken with WHO on the Danish strategy for the test – passing his counselors. The strategy is now laid on, according to the minister, but it is not crystal clear whether it really is put on, or it is extended, because you now have more testmidler.

Since he did the disagreement to an artificial problem at its press conference, but the discussion and the accompanying uncertainty, however, was raised by himself.

It is actually difficult to understand what the strategy is right now, and the minister of health did not make it clearer on his many appearances in the various media in the course of the day.

It is bad, for if the whole of the Danish population must back up the current shutdown, they need to understand and accept the current strategy. It does not help that the minister and adviser disagree. It does not help that the minister sometimes speaks with the wool in the mouth.

the Parties will simply have to turn a line over their differences. There is no doubt that the political level – the government – feel little advised in relation to the Danish preparedness to many times have trusted in their own abilities and judgements.

But there is no way around it.

the minister of health must avoid fighting and be much clearer in its communication. Right now, the balls he the case, and the risk that support for the very serious restrictions and interference in the personal freedom which the government has poured down upon us, slowly crumbling. There are several limitations, which we normally would never accept. The government has taken serious liberties from us. Our freedom of movement, the border is closed. Freedom of assembly is gone, we can not meet, as we will.

on Tuesday morning tried the Patentsikkerhed with a new interventionist proposals. The danes should have the possibility to notify the other danes that could be imagined to have coronavirus. A cross-border proposal, reminiscent of past authoritarian regimes. The proposal lived only a few hours before the minister of health even beat ‘stikkerforslaget’ down.

So far, the government will nevertheless not go, but just that the proposal came out over the footlights and out to the public shows that right now we are moving on a very thin line of our democratic society. Our hard-won freedoms are not necessarily sacred in all places.

In the wings lurk a proposal that the government must have access to our teleoplysninger from the telephone companies. Yet another intrusion into our personal freedom and a step towards the total surveillance society. It is difficult to see the logic in the proposal, if one is not at the same time will make an aggressive test and smittesporing and it is just not the intention, according to the minister of health. Or what?

It is necessary that the politicians and the authorities find the right way to limit our freedom further. We are abundantly limited in advance. All proposals must have the logic of clarity, otherwise they must be in the tray.

the Focus of all involved is, of course, to limit the infection, but it is strictly necessary to initiate a strategy for how we open the community again. We lack a strategy for a slow easing of the severe constraints for the danes, who are not infected.

It is up to them to open up the country.

Michael Dyrby Editor-in-chief, B. T.

Michael Dyrby is editor-in-chief of B. T. He is a former nyhedsdirektør on the TV 2