The former participant of “House-2” Victoria Bonya, who called receiving the minimum wage of Russians, “alcoholics”, grew up in poverty and still have anger in your own childhood. This opinion was expressed by people’s artist of Russia, Soviet and Russian pianist, actor and composer Levon Oganezov.

“I remember how she came to appear on “the House-2″. It was clumsy, badly dressed, unkempt, untidy and rather pimply girl. Apparently, she had a goal to break. She grew up in poverty. Hence the anger at his own childhood,” said Oganezov in an interview with “Fifth channel”.

The actor said that Russia has great young people, and people should not be offended by Boni, as she is “fallen soul”.

Earlier, Victoria Bonya in his Instagram wrote that the Russians receiving the minimum wage are “alcoholics and lowlifes”. According to the presenter, the help you need to provide to entrepreneurs whose business is not developed within two months because of a pandemic coronavirus.