In Japan, a woman sentenced to death for murder choked on her meal. This was announced by the Ministry of Justice on Sunday. The 49-year-old was convicted of murdering two men in 2009, and the verdict became final in 2017. Since then she has been waiting to be executed on the gallows.

In Japan, death row inmates are not told when they will be executed. When the death warrant from the Justice Department finally arrives, most have just a few hours to live.

Japan is one of the few developed countries that still uses the death penalty. Human rights activists and the EU have for years denounced Japan’s handling of executions and prison conditions in the country. There are currently 105 convicts on Japan’s death row.

In a total of 14 districts in three federal states, the German weather service warns with the red alert. At the moment it is still unusually warm. But next week it should finally snow significantly – at least in the mountains.

The founder of the steakhouse chain “Block House”, Eugen Block, worries about his kidnapped grandchildren. His former son-in-law took the children to Denmark but did not bring them back.