Jörg Abderhalden: I’m in the car of family type. I have three children, and in the Winter the ski equipment with must. According to I care for today, a safe and temperate riding style. There are besides on our roads hardly more of a way to travel quickly – and it’s not worth it, too. Therefore, I often use the cruise control. This is extremely cozy, especially because I’m in the car on the road.

Join the win a car!

Choose from 46 auto mobile innovations to your favorites and make the “favorite car of the Swiss”. Among all participants, a Hyundai will be raffled off Kona to the value of 46’990 CHF.

Without sunglasses go, and I’m not going anywhere, because I have very sensitive eyes.

Everything that distracts me – and nowadays that is a real challenge. I Packed away my phone for example. The attention fully on the road.

the Swiss car of the year

Jörg Abderhalden has been chosen as a member of the celebrity Jury of the “most stylish car in Switzerland”. And also you can join in: Give your voice to one of 46 new products of the year, and you make the model for the “favorite car of the Swiss”!

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Give your voice to the 17. November www.schweizer-auto-des-jahres.ch from. Among all participants, the “Schweizer Illustrierte” and its partners, AutoScout24, VIEW, sonntagsblick, “L’illustré” and “Il Caffè giving away” a Hyundai Kona to the value of 46’990 CHF. You have yet to the free Drive option, and decide for yourself whether you want to drive the electric version of the gasoline, Diesel, or Hybrid.

other prices

As the second prize is a set of Continental-PW tyres to the value of 1000 francs. The third prize are two VIP-Tickets for the Seat Music Session 2020. These Tickets are exclusive and not to buy in trade.