The E-Class was once the most important Mercedes model. No other brought more profit in the combination of quantity and price. After Mercedes put everything on the electric card EQ, it will not be easy for the last E-Class to put itself in the limelight.

The upcoming Mercedes E-Class shares its fate with the new GLC, which has now become the best-selling Mercedes model. Compared to its predecessor, the mid-size crossover was also developed more evolutionarily, at least visually, got the technology of the C-Class and primarily has to make do with four-cylinders.

At least that is spared the larger E-Class, because even if it offers most models with a quartet of cylinders, at least six-cylinder in-line cylinders will remain in the program for the top models. However, the particularly powerful eight-cylinders, which gave wings specifically to the AMG models, have been eliminated.

But apart from the emphatically classic sedan design, there is also good news, because the new Mercedes E-Class, which will celebrate its premiere next spring, is six months ahead of its main competitor, the BMW 5 Series, and even a year ahead of the upcoming Audi A6.

As a mixture of the S and C classes, the new E-Class is set to set new records in terms of luxury, travel comfort and driver assistance. There are several hybrid versions; however, the pure electric drive is reserved for the Mercedes EQE. The upcoming E-Class will no longer cover quite as broad a portfolio as the current generation, after all it will also be the last E-Class that is still allowed to drive without a battery drive. But there is still a sedan, station wagon version T, all-terrain and from 2024 also a CLE, under which the coupé and convertible from the C and E class are combined in one model.

There are still petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrids in a power range from around 200 to over 650 hp, driven via the rear axle or all four wheels. The technology includes a mandatory 48-volt electrical system, automatic transmission and a wide range of comfort and driver assistance equipment. However, level three highly automated driving is not planned for the market launch. Like the smaller C63, the top model of the Mercedes AMG 63 will be a supercharged plug-in hybrid.