Millions of real estate owners have to provide their tax authorities with data on their house and land by October 31 at the latest. Those who have already done so are currently receiving mail from the authorities. What it says and how to review the content.

By 2024, all 36 million property owners will receive a total of three property tax notices. They come in two letters. It is important to note that only the third notification from the second letter shows how high the future property tax amount will be. What is particularly tricky is that those affected cannot lodge an objection to the third decision. This step has to be done with the first cover letter.

This first notice contains all the important information that determines the amount of the new property tax. Therefore, you should definitely check whether the value of your property and your property is correct when you first receive a notification.

If it seems too high to you, you must carefully check all the information in your property tax return.

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Citizens often make false statements about the co-ownership shares of real estate. If they are stated too high, the property value increases – and with it the subsequent property tax. The correct share can be easily checked using the purchase contract.

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If you accidentally provide false information, property experts believe you have nothing to worry about immediately. Because the new tax will not be due until 2025. Those affected should correct false information as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they are threatened later either with excessive payments – or they run the risk of committing tax evasion. Before that, Holger Freitag from the Association of Private Builders (vpb) warns against FOCUS online.

The reform for the new property tax is complex – and this year it will require owners. You have to submit some data to the tax office. You have to be very precise and observe special deadlines. In our large guide you will find all the information you need to know in a compact form.

Based on your information, the tax authorities create the property tax assessment. This document is central: It forms the basis for the measurement notification. From this, the municipalities calculate the property tax at the end, which then has to be paid from 2025 onwards.

So because the assessment of value is a factor in determining the amount of the tax, owners should check it thoroughly. “Anyone who discovers errors can lodge an objection with the tax office within one month of notification,” says Claudia Kalina-Kerschbaum from the Federal Chamber of Tax Advisors. The following applies to the deadline: If the notification arrives by post, the one-month deadline runs three days after the notification of the notification or after the date specified in the letter. Later complaints are excluded.

When it comes to tax returns, many citizens use software helpers, and the WISO tax savings book is particularly popular. With WISO property tax there is now also a practical tool for the property tax return, which millions of Germans will also have to submit this year. Billing is based on the property. Three are included in the price of 29.95 euros. Via FOCUS online you can now get WISO property tax for only 28.49 euros.

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