For Carlos Sainz, the Austrian Grand Prix did not end on the podium, but due to a fire in his Ferrari on the side of the track. Now Formula 1 is looking back at the danger of the situation.

The danger of the fire: After the Austrian Grand Prix and the fire in Carlos Sainz’ Ferrari, the Formula 1 world is questioning the danger of the fire, as “Bild” reports. In fact, the racing suits are made of the material Nomex and are therefore fireproof. They can withstand temperatures of over 800 degrees for almost 30 seconds.

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“Time calculated”: According to his own statements, Sainz “calculated the time” he had to leave his car that was on fire. He “did not want the car to roll back on the track”.

The fire in detail: Sainz’s Ferrari caught fire on lap 58. The 27-year-old Spaniard had parked the car amidst his frantic “No! No! No!” calls to the pits, drive off the race track and jump out of it unharmed at the last second with the help of a marshal.