Norovirus outbreak in Austria: Sick people had to be treated for nausea and vomiting at the Amstetten State Hospital.

There has been a norovirus outbreak in Austria. According to the district administration, there are currently 50 cases of the disease, writes “”. Several people had to be treated at the state hospital for nausea and vomiting.

The common denominator: those affected had previously visited a McDonald’s branch in Amstetten-Greinsfurth. “After immediate investigation by the authorities, it was confirmed that noroviruses, which are transmitted directly from person to person, were the cause of the cases of illness in Amstetten.” This was what company spokesman Wilhelm Baldia told “”. Causes in the hygiene or food area of ​​the fast-food restaurant could be ruled out.

As “infection” reports, noroviruses usually cause gastrointestinal diseases. The pathogens are highly contagious. They can be transmitted from person to person via a smear infection. However, this is also possible via contaminated objects. Infection can also occur through raw food or contaminated drinks. 

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