” The travel warning for these countries is no longer valid. No one recommends giving up all non-urgent trips to them. We are talking only about an increased risk, ” RIA Novosti quotes Schallenberg. According to the minister, ” the color of danger for them changes from red to orange.” At the same time, he warned that the Austrian authorities will continue to monitor the situation, and refused to give forecasts about whether any new measures will be introduced against visitors from the Russian Federation.

Currently, it is possible to visit Austria without mandatory quarantine 14 days after full vaccination. Those who have been ill and have been vaccinated with a single dose of the vaccine will also be allowed into the country. What kind of vaccines are we talking about, Vienna did not specify. Earlier, Mr. Schallenberg said in an interview with RIA Novosti that citizens of different countries are vaccinated with different drugs , and sooner or later the authorities will have to take this factor into account in order to restore freedom of movement.