A bride is surprised by unwanted guests at her own wedding. When she suddenly discovers blood on her dress, she initially expects her period. But instead, leeches attach themselves to her.

The wedding was particularly exciting for a young Australian: As she opened the dance floor after the wedding, a bloodstain became visible on her white wedding dress. At first she suspected her period had surprised her, she reports in a video on TikTok.

But under her dress, the real culprits became visible. Three leeches attacked the bride. By this time, however, only two of the three bloodsuckers were still hanging from her legs. The third animal had already fallen off on the dance floor because it had completely soaked up blood.

This is how the huge blood stain on her wedding dress came about. The bride was quickly treated and was soon able to dance again. The leeches had probably attached themselves to their legs while the couple were busy taking wedding photos in a field. Because in Australia, the so-called land leeches are not only found in the water.