Weather forecast for August promises to the Russians “discouraging” events: Moscow and Moscow region will be exhausted from the heat and lack of rain, Saint Petersburg face sudden changes in temperature, and the Crimea is unusual for the Peninsula 40 degree heat. It is reported by the “Expert”.

According to weather forecasts, early August in the Moscow region and the capital will be 30 degrees (sometimes even hotter), even small precipitation in the region will not. In urban environments with heat and hot asphalt are especially difficult for people who have health problems.

In the second half of the month, the heat will fall, night temperatures will be 12-14 degrees Celsius, and the day will not be hotter plus 25 degrees. The middle of August will be accompanied by thunderstorms and downpours. At the end of the month the weather in the region will be almost autumn and a maximum of 19-20 degrees Celsius.

In Saint-Petersburg autumn will be already the first half of August: the air is not warmed up stronger plus 20 degrees. In the second half of day the temperature drops to 15 degrees Celsius, at night – to plus five to seven degrees. The whole month the weather will be unstable with a sharp alternation of warm and cold days.

In Crimea, August will be marked by the 40-degree heat. According to forecasts, 40 degrees on the Peninsula has happened before, but never stayed too long. The weather forecast promises that in August 2020 this heat will remain in the Crimea for almost the entire month.

Similar weather will be in the beginning of the month and in the Krasnodar region, however, after August 15, a little colder – to plus 26-30 degrees. In the second half of August in the region of possible showers.

How to write “Rambler”, earlier in the center “Phobos” reported that the week of July 6-12, in the South of Russia will begin with the unusually hot weather – up to 35-40 degrees. At the end of the week in the southern regions there will be thunderstorms and temperature will drop five or six degrees.