For around half a century, a guitar that Beatles star John Lennon played for the album “Help!” was thought to be lost. Now the instrument has been auctioned for a record price.

A guitar belonging to John Lennon, which was long thought to be lost before it was rediscovered in an attic, was auctioned in New York for 2.9 million dollars (about 2.7 million euros). This makes it the most expensive Beatles guitar ever auctioned, the auction house Julien’s announced on Wednesday.

The decisive bid for the instrument was made by telephone, but it was not initially disclosed by whom. The auction house had previously expected the highest bid to be between 600,000 and 800,000 US dollars. The twelve-string Hootenanny instrument made by the German manufacturer Framus was used by Beatles star Lennon. It can be seen in numerous photos of studio sessions for the album “Help!” and also in the Beatles film of the same name from 1965.

The guitar then made its way to an attic in southern England, where it was reportedly stored for more than 50 years. Lennon gave it to the musician Gordon Waller in 1965, who passed it on to his manager. His heirs found it in the attic. The auction house had it extensively restored so that the guitar could be played again.