Manchester United is on a preparatory tour in Asia. The meticulous methods of the new coach Erik ten Hag are becoming increasingly clear – even off the green pitch.

Mobile phone ban at meals: Manchester United’s new coach Erik ten Hag is also sticking to his meticulous methods away from the football field and, in addition to a daily dress code for all employees, is also introducing a general mobile phone ban for all players at all meals. This is reported by the “Mirror”.

Short, compact, clear

New dress code every day: According to this, all employees receive a message every morning telling them what color their shirt with the Red Devils crest should be. In addition to the uniformity that can be clearly seen, Ten Hag justifies this by being able to better recognize all employees both in the hotel and on the training grounds.

Team spirit should be strengthened: “This is just further proof of his attention to detail,” said a source at the medium. “He is so focused and everything is well thought out”. The general ban on cell phones at breakfast, lunch and dinner should also be included promote a sense of togetherness within the team.