Due to the energy crisis, large credit institutions and savings banks have also closed a number of branches. Those who need cash are now finding fewer and fewer ATMs. This is a significant challenge, especially for older people. FOCUS Online says how consumers get cash.

The walk to the ATM could be significantly longer in the future, the number of ATMs is shrinking steadily in Germany. In view of the increased electricity and energy prices, many credit institutions and banks are now thinning out their branch network. When they move out, they even dismantle the machines.

And the bank deaths never end!

Deutsche Bank alone wants to close almost 200 Postbank branches by 2023, Commerzbank will be separating from almost 220 locations by the end of 2022, and the Sparkasse will be giving up a number of businesses in the country.

The operation is no longer profitable for the institutes. As industry experts explain, the systems are outdated, which leads to expensive maintenance costs. Money transport companies have also turned the price screw massively. In addition, more and more people are using online transfers and online banking.

To make matters worse, machine-busting robberies are on the rise, which is also driving up insurance fees. As a result, consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to find an ATM in their place of residence.

Seniors in particular have considerable difficulties as a result. You have to put up with long bus journeys. They therefore often give their bank card and their four-digit PIN to neighbors, relatives and friends, who then provide them with cash. It’s also a lot easier.

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On average, consumers can withdraw cash in almost every supermarket. At the checkout, the desired amount is simply paid out in cash when paying.

However, there is an upper limit of 200 euros per customer. In some cases there are also 2 euro coins if there are not enough 5 and 10 euro notes in the register. The service is free.

In addition, customers must shop for a certain amount. The current upper limits are:

Postbank customers (and also banks in the Cash Group) can debit up to 1,000 euros at Shell petrol stations. Aral offers direct debits for ING Diba customers.

If you don’t want to do without the classic ATM, you should ask your bank for a debit payment card. In many cases, these cards can be recognized by the V-Pay or Maestro logo.

At the Commerzbank sister Comdirect, for example, the card is usually free. The advantage is that private customers can withdraw cash at all ATMs throughout Germany under certain conditions.

Credit cards also often offer a certain number of free cash withdrawals each month.

If that is too time-consuming, you should check which association the bank belongs to. If it belongs to an association, cash withdrawals from machines are usually free of charge. In Germany there are, among others:

In addition, there is also the branch network of ING Diba in Germany.

In principle, there are no fees if customers from one ATM network withdraw cash from another network. For example, when a Sparkasse customer withdraws cash from a Targobank machine.

There are also ATMs from Euronet, Reisebank, Cardpoint and IC Cash at train stations and central bus and train stops. Here, too, withdrawal is usually subject to a fee.

The fees are between 1.95 and 9 euros – depending on the bank, the amount of money required and the provider.

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